Monthly Update of May

Hello, how are you doing?

I’m doing well, thanks for asking! 😊
Last month was all about spreading the word, video and fixing some more bugs.

“How to Create a Coming Soon Page”

A promo walkthrough video I have created to give you and others a better look at the last version of StaticPage. Also, it was really fun editing the video! Watch the video at this link. 🤩

Error Tracking

Having a critical bug in production changes a man. Especially when a user tells you about a bug in the main feature of the application. Can you guess what happened?

Fixing the bug took a few minutes but the embarrassment! Oh, the horror! So, I have decided it’s time to install error tracking software, I have chosen Sentry. Now, I will be notified about the bugs automatically and would fix them sooner. 😇

Fiverr Gig

As part of my effort to promote StaticPage and also understand user needs, I have created “I Will Build A Coming Soon Page In 1 Day” cheap gig. So, if you need a Coming Soon page and don’t want to waste time on it this gig is for you! 😎

WIP: Blog, Docs, and Support

It sucks but Blog, Docs, and Support pages are still under heavy development and won’t be joining us in this newsletter. They will pop up on the website during June! So, keep an eye on 😉

Features are coming!

I know, I haven’t released any new features this month! Please bear with me while I’m building decent marketing and support channels for StaticPage to grow upon. These channels help me communicate with you better and understand what you need from a product like StaticPage. I already have a couple of features planned that will make your work awesome! 🥳

Meanwhile, have fun and enjoy the day!
🤓 Idan.