Public Beta is OUT!

Hello, how are you doing?

What a month it has been… I can sum it up by new LOGO, new website, new feature, new service, and StaticPage is in public beta.

What Happen This Month?

StaticPage has been put aside for too long and now I’m back working on it full-time. Here is a list of things that were done this month:

NEW Logo & Website

YES! After having the same Coming Soon page for a long time, with help from a friend we have rebranded StaticPage. The outcome, an awesome logo and a simple website to start telling the story of StaticPage.

Preset Templates

At first I haven’t understood why this feature should be part of the basic features package StaticPage should offer to its users and now I can’t live without it! Now, when creating a new page, there are 4 preset templates to choose from or a blank one to start fresh.

Bugs were taken care of.

That’s right! You have reported various bugs and they are all sleeping with the fishes. Jokes aside, please let me know when you will find more of those, so I could fix them too.

From Closed to Open Beta

The real news today is StaticPage finally moves to a public and free beta for everyone to try out! If you haven’t registered yet, please do! It’s an awesome product taking its first steps on the internet!

Try it out by creating your first Coming Soon page. Let me know what kind of features you like and what kind of features will turn StaticPage part of your tool belt.

StaticPage as an Agency

Having a product company is a great dream! At the moment this dream doesn’t pay the bills and as a bootstrapper, I’m required to search for alternative sources of revenue. That is how “StaticPage as an Agency” was born.

The service is simple, do you need a landing page or a coming soon page and don’t have the time or skill to do it yourself? Hire me and I will provide you with the best page possible! Responsive, fast to load, SEO friendly, you know the ones search engines love.

Check out my credentials on LinkedIn before hiring me.

Haven’t guessed it yet?
The link to StaticPage’s new website:

Meanwhile, have fun and enjoy the day!
🤓 Idan.